A work of art exists as such from the moment it is viewed. Quote from Nicos Hadjinicolaou

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graffiti street art visage portrait noir et lanc multicolore

graffiti 55 inch by 74 inch

spray paint on canvas. Madiana Cachacou and Asfix.

affiche reproduction art femme geisha carpe koi street art fusain

Discover the painter Madiana Cachacou through painting, drawing made by hand from the workshop in the north of France. You can also order large format art reproductions from the e-shop.

Worldwide delivery.

dessin art contemporain carton hope visage portrait femme multicolore
dessin art contemporain carton hope visage portrait femme multicolore cadre décoration
dessin art contemporain portrait femme multicolore hope espoir

Contemporary art drawing on hope cardboard

The drawing is delivered with its certificate of authenticity, it is entirely drawn by hand by Madiana Cachacou.

This contemporary art drawing seduces us with its multitude of colors going from pink to blue or yellow on the skin which gives it originality and softness thanks to the use of dry pastel.

Dimensions: 17.7 inches by 25.6 inches.

Materials: pastel, charcoal, colored pencils, chalk on cardboard.

Frame not supplied.


salon grande image listen me

affiche reproduction dust artiste peintre

insta suivez

painting waterfall

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