What determines the price of a painting?


First of all you have to know that there are no intermediaries on the Decoroots website. Indeed, all the paintings are made in the workshop of Madiana Cachacou located at 34 rue jules guesde in Wattrelos in the north of France, available at

There is currently no exhibition in galleries so there are no comissions perceived by intermediaries. All paintings are for direct sale and exclusively on the Decoroots website.

The prices are then fixed according to the difficulty and the time of realization, but also according to the format of the canvas.

Decoroots is accessible to all, so you will find paintings at all prices.

Warhol: "You should be able to drink colors to get better, it's important art helps to live."

How are the paintings made? Originals or impressions?


All paintings are hand-painted and are then photographed and put online on the site to be offered for sale, so all the paintings visible on the site are hand-painted originals.

The technique used is explained in the description of each painting (acrylic paint, aerosol spray, all stencils are handmade.) On cotton canvas mounted on wooden frame.

Who is Madiana Cachacou?


Passionate first of all by the drawing, like little hobbie, the pencil never leaves the hand of Madiana Cachacou. Several techniques are then tried such as charcoal, chalk and paint.

Coming from a curriculum in the plastic arts, the passion for art is growing to become invasive to the point where Madiana Cachacou decides to put on sale its production. Frantic and compulsive, the paintings are now spread on the virtual web that is internet.

Also loving the decoration both mingle, with the development of adult paintings and decoration for children.


Tableau design: Listen me!

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