panoramic picture design multicolored mist

Madiana Cachacou

tableau design la brume noir multicolore 3
tableau design la brume noir multicolore salon
tableau design la brume noir multicolore art artiste 2
tableau design la brume noir multicolore art artiste
tableau design la brume noir multicolore
tableau design la brume noir multicolore art artiste visage
châssis bois

Looking for the original design deco? Here is the painting "the mist" An original creation of the painter Madiana Cachacou. This painting is entirely painted by hand, a true imprint of a dynamic modernity.
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This deco design chart offers us a burst of paint stains that prolongs the head of a woman, as such a passing haze.

This expansive panoramic painting by its format but also by the treatment of the paint will give the decorative and decorative touch to your walls and occupy the space by its movement.

The painting contemporary art mist has the particularity of linking the abstract and the figurative, the abstract being at the service of the figurative, which gives it all its originality and modernity.

Unique piece signed lower right by the artist Madiana Cachacou.

painting delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Materials: acrylic paint and aerosol on cotton canvas mounted on wooden frame.

Dimensions: this panoramic painting measures 39,4 inches by 11,8 inches.

Colors: black and white, mulitcolore: anise green, red, yellow, blue, purple, orange.

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