painting woman sweet candy or "gluttony".

Madiana Cachacou

tableau art gourmandise 22
tableau art gourmandise 2
tableau gourmandise
tableau design déco femme gourmandise nue gris rouge bas
tableau design déco femme gourmandise nue gris rouge pomme
châssis bois

"Gourmandise", do you recognize yourself in this word? Are you part of people who can not resist? Do not hesitate to crack for sweet candy. This table is for you. This painting is an original creation hand painted by Madiana Cachacou.
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This painting found its place in a contemporary art lover, a lover of personal and unique things. This contemporary painting is hand painted, so it is unnical.

 your wall decoration will make sense with this large size human size canvas, imposing and intriguing. The personification of gluttony through a woman bathed in water where floats apples, a totally surrealist painting that reflects a form of sin by the representation of the apple and excess by its multiplication in the image.

Who is this woman who looks at us with delectation? This is none other than the greed personified in a sulphurous woman.

To each his greed, this excess that turns into a gluttony harmful and frenetic.

And you will you resist Candy?


Painted by hand and signed by Madiana Cachacou painter, delivered with its certificate of authenticity.

Unique piece.

Materials: acrylic paint on cotton canvas mounted on wooden frame.

Dimensions: two canvases of 19,7 inches by 27,5 inches: 55 inches by 19,7 inches.

Find the reproduction on photo paper in limited edition, signed and numbered.

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tableau art gourmandise 22

painting woman sweet candy or "gluttony". is not currently available.

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