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Madiana Cachacou

tableau art artiste peint main vierge mandala noir et blanc visage femme multicolore
tableau art artiste contemporain femme multicolore noir et blanc vierge moderne
tableau art artiste contemporain multicolore noir et blanc visage femme
châssis bois

Bring originality to your interior decoration with a unique piece of an artist. This painting is a unique creation hand painted by the painter Madiana Cachacou.
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This contemporary painting touches us by the sensitivity that emanates from it, a colorful picture that will make the difference on your walls.

A hand-made painting on canvas is more alive than a printed reproduction, it is an original work that only you own.

It will find its place in your interior decoration whether it is design, modern, contemporary or nature

Painting hand painted and signed lower left by the artist Madiana Cachacou.

UNIQUE coin delivered with its certificate of authenticity.

Dimensions: 19,7 inches by 19,7 inches. 3D canvas: 1,3 inches deep.

Colors: black and white multicolor: gray, purple, yellow, red, green, pink, blue.

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tableau art artiste peint main vierge mandala noir et blanc visage femme multicolore

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