Painting triptych woman black and white monkeys of wisdom.

Madiana Cachacou

tableau art artiste trois singes contemporain peinture 2
tableau deco design femme noir et blanc 4
tableau deco design femme noir et blanc 1
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tableau deco design contemporain visage femme noir et blanc moderne trois singes
châssis bois

Here is a resolutely contemporary painting, repeating the theme of the three monkeys of wisdom. This painting is an original and unique creation of the painter Madiana Cachacou.
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The monkeys of wisdom are three in number: Mizaru the blind, Kikazaru the deaf and Iwazaru the dumb.

Their names mean "I do not see evil", "I do not hear evil" and "I do not speak evil".

Beyond the traditional meaning everyone will see its own meaning.

The theme is taken here through a very expressive woman's face, remains to know what she sees, hears and says.

The painting is a triptych in black and white its form and its treatment in black and white gives it a modern and contemporary look.

It can adorn the walls of a living room truncating above the sofa and will become the main element of your home decor.

Unique piece signed by the painter Madiana Cachacou. Painting issued with its certificate of authenticity.

Materials: acrylic painting on cotton canvas mounted on wooden frame.

Dimensions: 59 inches by 19,7 inches, three 19,7 inches by 19,7 inches canvases.

Colors: black and white.

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