contemporary art print on esperanto cardboard

Madiana Cachacou

impression art carton peinture dessin esperanto cadre
impression art carton peinture dessin esperanto cadre decoration
impression art carton peinture dessin esperanto

Discover a unique work of art, a handcrafted print enhanced by hand by painter artist Madiana Cachacou.
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It is through an artisanal technique that this decorative object was printed in Madiana Cachacou's workshop. The print is then entirely enhanced by hand with a paint marker by the painter Madiana Cachacou. A new technique undertaken by the artist which allows you to acquire a unique work of art at a low cost.


Free delivery.

Unique signed piece. Hand-enhanced print.

Support: cardboard.

Dimensions: 4 inches by 6 inches approximately

Frame not supplied.

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