Who am I?

madiana cachacou artiste peintre

Madiana Cachacou I was born in France in Roubaix in 1983.

Passionate first of all by the drawing, like little hobbie, the pencil never leaves the hand of Madiana Cachacou. Several techniques are then tried such as charcoal, chalk and paint. Coming from a curriculum in the plastic arts, the passion for art is growing to become invasive to the point where Madiana Cachacou decides to put on sale its production. Frantic and compulsive, the paintings are now spread on the virtual web that is internet. Also loving the decoration both mingle, with the development of adult paintings and decoration for children. Different techniques and mediums are used to make paintings, and lighting and other decorative objects: from acrylic paint, aerosol paint used in the medium of graffiti, through collage. There is no limit of style, creations tend towards a plastic search. The influences, references and admiration for painters are diverse: Jackson Pollock, Masaccio, Leonardo Da Vinci, Andy Warhol, Gustav Klimt ...

2004: Exhibition for the small smoke association at the banana quay in Tournai.

2007: Collective exhibition for the institute of the Arab world of Nord Pas-de-Calais in Roubaix.

2014: Participation in the project "on screen" saatchi gallery in London United Kingdom. 2015: Art show underground American pancakes and booze in Paris.

2019: Collective exhibition gallery 66 sale of works of art for the benefit of action for the preservation of the Barbary macaque.


autoportrait madiana cachacou

Self-portrait with charcoal.

tableau ethnique noir et blanc

Black and white ethnic painting: "the meeting". Private collection. Painting by hand by Madiana Cachacou, painter.


Tableau ethnique noir et blanc: "la rencontre".

Collection privée.

Tableau peint à la main par Madiana Cachacou, artiste peintre.

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